Author: Zivan Ori, CEO & Co-Founder

When we publicly launched the company and our first products in 2016, we were pioneering a new software architecture built for the emerging NVMe flash protocol.  Our appliances were delivering very high throughput with very low latency which allowed us to focus on the analytics market where real-time performance had driven customers to revert back to internal SSDs inside of the server to meet the latency needs of their applications.  We knew we had a much better solution for them.

Our challenge was that we were pioneering a new storage protocol which wasn’t well understood, and we needed an identity that let folks know that we weren’t just another flash vendor in a very crowded market.  When we looked at the market, IDC’s Rack-Scale Flash1 taxonomy really captured what we were doing and to whom we were targeting our products.  With our management team’s enterprise storage pedigree, we had designed a system built for rack-scale flash, without compromising on high availability of our customers data.  That was the genesis of our tagline, “Rack-Scale Flash.  No Compromise.

Since that time, we’ve continued to innovate, introducing new product offerings and expanding our scalability beyond rack-scale deployments.  Our recent customer wins are the best proof point of our growing success!

As we’ve grown, the need to explain “what” we do has given way to more productive customer discussions of “how” our architecture can solve their most pressing performance pain points in their data intensive applications.  We’ve also outgrown “rack-scale”, with our support for NVMe over Fabrics and expanded host support allowing to connect across the network outside of the rack domain.  This led us to revisit our tagline, because we wanted folks to think about “why” they should call on E8 Storage.  For us, that answer was simple.


Today we launched our new tagline, “When Performance Matters”.  We’re more than just a flash player, as NVMe support extends to storage class memory (like our E8-X24 with Intel Optane inside), RAM and new emerging NVMe products.  Our customers rely on our high performance NVMe storage when performance matters to their data intensive applications that have a direct impact to their bottom line.  Real-time analytics for financial markets, high performance scratch space for genome sequencing, and AI / ML for streaming image recognition are just a few of the applications where E8 Storage has proven performance for our customers.

Are we still rack-scale flash? Of course we are, it’s in our DNA and one of our core target markets…a market in which we strive to excel above the competition even as we expand into new markets.

Want to learn more?  Contact us at when performance matters to your business bottom line.

1IDC’s Worldwide Flash in the Datacenter Taxonomy, January 2018, #US42606418