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E8-D24 installed to replace local SSDs with a shared SSD appliance

SANTA CLARA, California, May 3, 2017 – E8 Storage today announced the successful deployment of its high-availability shared NVMe flash storage appliance at a major financial institution in New York City. The customer, signed in 2016, completed installation of the E8-D24, and the complete hardware and software solution is now in full production in the customer’s datacenter.

“E8 Storage utilizes best-in-class hardware to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for its customers, including the dual port version of the Intel® Datacenter SSD family for PCIe* used in this application. The dual port versions of the Intel® Datacenter SSD family for PCIe combines NVMe performance with high availability and density, making it a perfect complement to E8 Storage’s innovative storage architecture,” said Bill Leszinske, Vice President of Strategic Planning, Marketing and Business Development, Intel NVM Solutions Group.”

“Many financial institutions today are finding they require more performance than can be achieved by existing all-flash arrays, and E8 Storage is in a strong position to tap into the growing demand of this market,” said Tim Stammers, senior analyst, 451 Research. “E8 Storage’s combination of PCIe-NVMe-based storage and an in-house equivalent to NVMe over Fabrics is cutting-edge, and worth a serious look for applications in need of a low-cost, high-performance storage solution.”

The Tier 1 financial institution selected E8 Storage because it delivers numerous business benefits unachievable with other all-flash arrays:

  • Consolidating SSDs: E8 Storage presents a single large pool of flash from which logical volumes can be shared among compute resources, at the same performance of local SSDs.
  • Increased productivity: E8 Storage’s high-availability and fault-tolerant architecture allows for improved uptime and business continuity, improving developers’ access to data and increasing productivity.
  • Lower costs: Increased utilization of SSDs reduces the number of drives required, saving the customer significant money on storage capacity in both the short- and long-term.

“This Wall Street customer needed a high-performance, high-availability storage solution for its mission-critical data center – and they found it in E8 Storage,” said Zivan Ori, CEO and Co-founder, E8 Storage. “They are one of several Fortune 500 companies we’re working with to provide a replacement to local SSDs with a shared storage solution that has unprecedented levels of performance. We’re in various stages of deployment in other market verticals such as retail, high performance computing and web-scale data centers.”

The E8-D24 is generally available, and detailed specifications can be downloaded here. For pricing, please contact

About E8 Storage
E8 Storage provides the first-ever centralized NVMe enterprise storage solution, delivering 10 times the performance for half the cost of existing storage products. The company’s rack scale all-flash array eliminates storage need projections, is easily upgradeable and expandable, enables converged Ethernet networking, and increases SSD utilization to over 90%. E8 Storage’s flagship product, the award-winning E8-D24, is ideally suited for real-time analytics, hyperscale data centers, high-performance computing, and SQL and NoSQL databases. Privately held E8 Storage is based in Santa Clara with R&D in Tel-Aviv. For more information, please visit; follow us on Twitter @E8Storage and LinkedIn.

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