Solution and Technology


E8 Storage knows that strong partnerships are the key to winning solutions.
We partner with industry leaders to provide high performance solutions built on
cutting-edge technologies.

Solution Partners


E8 Storage is a member of IBM Partner World, focusing on high performance storage solutions with IBM Spectrum ScaleTM.
Read more about how E8 Storage accelerates IBM Spectrum Scale

McObject LLC has partnered with E8 Storage to deliver a complete storage solution for the eXtremeDB in-memory and persistent database system for high performance/low latency applications.
Read about our record breaking STAC-M3™ benchmark with McObject

E8 Storage is an NVIDIA community partner to deliver high performance storage for AI / Deep Learning and HPC applications running on NVIDIA GPUs.

E8 Storage accelerates Oracle RAC for high performance, low latency workloads such as data warehousing and analytics.
Learn more about E8 Storage with Oracle RAC

E8 Storage is a member of the Splunk Technology Alliance Partner program (TAP) built around the Splunk platform to provide complementary solutions for our joint customers.

Technology Partners


E8 Storage partners with AIC for our high performance, low latency NVMe storage appliances.

E8 Storage partners with Broadcom to integrate E8 Agent software with Broadcom’s Stingray solution.
Read more about the solution

E8 Storage and HGST offer high performance integrated NVMe solutions, built on HGST SN200 NVMe SSDs.
Learn more about our integrated solutions »

E8 Storage is a member of the Intel® Data Center Builders Program

E8 Storage partners with Mellanox for the Ethernet Storage Fabric solutions.
Download the E8 Storage with Mellanox solution brief.

E8 Storage Software is ideal for QCT’s QuantaGrid and QuantaPlex line of NVMe servers.  Learn more about Quanta servers

E8 Storage partners with Samsung to support their PM1725a dual-port NVMe SSDs

E8 Storage Software is compatible with a broad range of Supermicro® NVMe Platforms.  Learn more about Supermicro servers

E8 Storage and ThinkParQ’s technology enables improved performance and scalability, with the integration of BeeGFS with E8 Storage’s NVMe-oF solution.

Industry Associations


E8 Storage is a member
of the NVM Express Association

E8 Storage is a member of STAC® Research which provides technology research and testing tools based on community-source standards.Read more about E8 Storage’s record breaking benchmark results.
Read more about E8 Storage’s record breaking benchmark results.