As the first shared NVMe storage solution in the industry, E8 Storage
delivers high performance, low latency storage and simplified storage
management without compromising on reliability, availability or scalability.

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E8 Storage Appliances
Integrated hardware / software appliances with proven performance
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E8 Storage Software
High performance software for flexible deployments on standard hardware
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The E8 Storage Difference

E8 Storage has developed a revolutionary storage architecture that meets the demands of mission critical customer applications. E8 Storage’s patented software architecture was built from the ground up to leverage NVMe, the only protocol designed exclusively for solid state storage.

  • Designed for NVMe, end to end
  • Direct host access to shared storage volumes for low latency
  • Centralized control ensures data availability and ease of management

Performance Without Compromise

E8 Storage appliances provide up to 10 times the performance of other all-flash-arrays, with consistently strong
performance and low latency.


Near line-rate performance

  • 10 Million read IOPS
  • 40GB/s read throughput

Optimized for high performance
100GbE networks


Latency on par with local SSDs

Built for Enterprise Reliability

E8 Storage is designed for high availability, with no single point of failure across the hardware architecture, while the software architecture provides an additional layer of resiliency through the host-side E8 Agents.

Dual controller with double-parity RAID data protection

E8 Agents operate independently, loss of an agent does not impact other hosts

Non-disruptive software upgrades, all hardware parts easily replaceable.

Scalability to Fit Your Needs

With simple connectivity via Ethernet, new appliances can be added to the network seamlessly and new storage capacity provisioned to host servers without impacting host availability. E8 Agents can access storage volumes from multiple E8 Storage appliances, enabling capacity scaling into the petabyte range.

Up to 136TB (RAID-6 usable) per E8-D24 storage appliance

Hosts can access capacity from multiple appliances

Up to 96 host servers per E8 storage appliance

Simple to Manage, Easy to Deploy

E8 Storage is designed to be easy to deploy and manage for any enterprise data center. With an easy to use and intuitive management interface, E8 delivers simple, centralized storage management for high performance storage.

  • Plugs into existing Top-of-Rack Ethernet switches
  • Centralized management of hosts and volumes
  • Auto-discovery for newly provisioned storage volumes