Author: Stuart Campbell, Platform Architect

At E8 Storage, we are always excited about new NVMe platforms and SSDs that we see coming to market from our partners.  The news this week from AIC and Samsung on the new Mission Peak platform being shown at UK Cloud Expo is no exception.

As part of our philosophy of being compatible with industry standard, off the shelf hardware, we see the increasing availability and choice from system and SSD vendors as reinforcing our belief in the benefits of an open ecosystem for NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) solutions.  As new hardware products come to market, E8 Storage’s open architecture allows our customers to quickly benefit from the innovation and expertise of our industry partners.

The Samsung NF1 SSD is an ultra-dense SSD with capacities up to 16TB.   Using the AIC FB127LX enclosure with 36 of these SSDs provides E8 Storage customers with a total storage capacity of over 0.5 PB in just a 1U footprint!  This new form factor for SSDs offers the hot-swap serviceability and power loss protection features of traditional enterprise 2.5” U.2 SSDs, while enabling greater density and lower power consumption in the enclosure.

As a leader in qualifying and integrating NVMe platforms, E8 Storage has worked with our partners to enable the E8 Storage software solution to run on the FB127LX platform with Samsung NF1 SSDs.  With a mix of 100Gb / 50Gb ports serving up to 300Gb/s throughput, this platform allows E8 Storage to deliver up to 8M random 4K IOPs.  This gives our customers a very capable and dense storage solution, ideal for top-of-rack integration.

We at E8 Storage look forward to working with our industry partners to grow the NVMe-oF market, and welcome the release of innovative products such as these that will provide additional features and choice to our customers.  We look forward to broad industry standardisation and acceptance of next generation form factors for SSDs, which aligns with E8 Storage’s philosophy of using off the shelf hardware.

Come see our joint solution in action at the UK Cloud Expo in London March 21-22.  We’re proud to be hosted by our partner AIC to showcase the latest innovations in NVMe technology.