Author: Danny Melamed, Director R&D

E8 Storage has developed a revolutionary storage architecture, designed to unleash the performance of NVMe enabled storage devices while providing customers with the foundation for solutions that best fit their needs.  The E8 Storage architecture has been adopted for a myriad of high performance use cases, ranging from real-time analytics for market data to a low latency storage tier for genomics research.  Our customers have looked to E8 Storage for a high performance, feature-rich, software defined, storage solution that scales out through their environments.

With such a rich set of offerings, all providing new or enhanced capabilities, new customer desire, or indeed require, an opportunity to complete a “test drive” of E8 Storage to better understand our features and performance before making a purchase decision.

This “test drive” is known as a Proof of Concept (PoC), and it’s a fairly standard practice in the storage industry.

However, running a PoC in the customer’s data center often poses logistical, resource and expertise challenges.  Often times, many of the components in the test are likely based on new technologies that the customer may not yet have in their infrastructure (e.g. a high-speed Ethernet or InfiniBand network, NVMe SSDs, etc), or all of the available hardware may be deployed in production and not available for PoC activities.

We, at E8 Storage, try to accommodate those needs as much as possible, by providing test gear as required by any specific customer, but with the rising demand for our solutions, onsite PoC tests at all of the customers we’re engaging with becomes a challenge as well.

The Solution

To enable customers to more easily and efficiently test their desired solution, E8 Storage now offers the option of running a remote PoC, hosted within the E8 Storage development lab.  E8 Storage provides all of the hardware needed to host the customers applications, including servers, networking and storage.

The PoC environment is provided based on the specific customer request, and usually includes the E8-D24 storage appliance, connected through 100GbE network to 4-8 compute nodes.  The customer that is running the tests has secure administrator access to those servers, allowing them to install any application and/or benchmarking tool.

Here’s an example for a PoC environment available for customers to test with:

In the above example, the E8-D24 is connected through Ethernet to 8 servers, through an RDMA capable combination of 100Gbps Ethernet NICs and switches.  Each test servers has the following specifications:

 Product name Supermicro SYS-2028TP-HTR
 CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz
 CPU sockets 2
 Cores per socket 8 physical, 16 virtual (HT enabled)
 RDMA NIC Mellanox ConnectX-4 (CX416A-GCAT)

By providing a full PoC hardware environment, the customer can focus on their application testing, without needing to manage the logistics of onsite hardware installation, shipping, etc.  This allows the customer to fully experience the E8 Storage performance envelope and make a better-informed purchasing decision.

Try It For Yourself

With E8 Storage Remote PoC services, it’s simply and easy to prove the performance of NVMe for your specific application.

The process for setting up a PoC at the E8 Storage lab is simple and straightforward.  Start by sending an email to to request a PoC, with as much detail as you can provide:

  • What is the current environment you are looking to deploy the solution in?
  • What is the application, performance requirements, etc.
  • When would you like to perform the remote PoC
  • Contact info

Our technical team will arrange a call to align with you on the test setup, test plan and PoC duration, and that’s it.

By the way, if you’re not sure, contact us first, and we’ll show you a demo.