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Partnership enables Clustar Technology to integrate E8 Storage products into its private cloud and Platform-as-a-Service portfolio, delivering optimized computing resources and high performance

SANTA CLARA, Calif., November 29, 2018E8 Storage today announced that it has launched into the APAC region by partnering with Clustar Technology, an AI cloud service provider. With this partnership, E8 Storage continues to grow its global partner base and expand its international presence in high performance computing with its shared NVMe storage platform for customers who need high performance and low latency for data intensive applications.

Clustar Technology, based in China, provides an enterprise-class fully managed artificial intelligence (AI) cloud platform with a high-performance infrastructure, and has added E8 Storage NVMe-oF storage to its portfolio. Through the agreement, Clustar Technology will offer the integrated high-performance AI solution either as a Platform-as-a-Service or deployed as an on-prem private cloud cluster. With the Clustar high-performance AI compute cluster, customers benefit from increased performance and accelerated application development to accelerate data analytics.

Clustar Technology provides customers with an easy-to use machine learning (ML) platform, and through the high-performance architecture, customers are able to improve the computing power of larger scale clusters, empower AI algorithms and eliminate any performance bottlenecks. Powered by GPU computing, the addition of E8 Storage to the Clustar AI cloud platform ensures that customers fully capitalize on the investment in GPU’s by delivering a high throughput data path from storage to the GPU.

“We are always looking to innovate and are committed to helping customers in their AI / ML journey by improving high performance and computing power,” added Prof. Kai Chen, the founder of Clustar Technology. “E8 Storage is complementary to our portfolio, and by integrating it into our Platform-as-a-Service and private cloud cluster deployments, we unlock the performance benefits of shared NVMe storage. The combination is ideal for our customers that are looking to accelerate power hungry applications and improve on performance.”

Zivan Ori, co-founder and CEO of E8 Storage commented, “Clustar Technology is delivering an innovative and successful service in the industry with its AI cloud platform, and the partnership with E8 Storage cements our continued international expansion. By working with Clustar Technology, we are enabled to offer a unique proposition by delivering industry leading performance for organizations that are on their AI journey.”

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About E8 Storage
E8 Storage is a pioneer in shared NVMe storage for data-intensive, high-performance applications that drive business revenue. E8 Storage’s affordable, reliable and scalable solution is ideally suited for the most demanding low-latency workloads, including real-time analytics, financial and trading applications, genomics and large-scale file systems. Driven by the company’s patented architecture, E8 Storage’s high-performance NVMe over Fabrics certified storage delivers record breaking performance at half the cost of existing storage products. When performance matters, enterprise data centers turn to E8 Storage for unprecedented storage performance, density and scale, without compromising on reliability and availability. Privately held, E8 Storage is based in Santa Clara with R&D in Tel Aviv, and channel partners throughout the US and Europe. For more information, please visit, and follow us on Twitter @E8Storage and LinkedIn.

About Clustar
Clustar Technology is a continuously innovative provider of artificial intelligence technology and services provider dedicated to applying research results in areas such as high-performance computing to artificial intelligence and deep learning scenarios. The company’s core team has internationally leading autonomous core technologies in high-performance computing, data center system architecture, big data and artificial intelligence technologies. Clustar’s self-developed AI platform, based on data center commodity hardware, provides users with a high-performance, distributed, and scalable artificial intelligence infrastructure. By deploying the Clustar platform, users can reduce the cost of deep learning training, eliminate the bottlenecks to large clusters on its performance and expansion. In addition, the company provides algorithm consulting services to industry users. At present, the company’s products and services are used by well-known enterprises in the manufacturing, insurance, Internet and other industries, effectively supporting the user’s artificial intelligence application in the digital transformation process. For more information, please visit

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