Author: Julie Herd, Director Technical Marketing

Every startup comes to market with grand claims of how their product is better than any other on the market.  However, not every startup can back up those claims with record winning benchmark results from respected industry benchmarking organizations!

E8 Storage did just that not once, but TWICE this year, starting with our record breaking SPEC SFS2014 performance benchmark.  To date, E8 Storage still holds the record for the lowest overall response times, and the ONLY sub-millisecond result at 0.69ms ORT.  Other vendors may throw more hardware at the benchmark to increase the number of builds and throughput, but no amount of hardware can overcome latency inherent in a software architecture.

Now, E8 Storage has done it again, with record breaking results on the STAC-M3™ (Antuco suite) benchmark for financial market workloads.  We partnered with McObjectto test our solution with their high performance eXtremeDB Financial Edition database – one of two databases available for testing with the STAC-M3 benchmark.

Our results speak for themselves, and relative to the previously published results, E8 Storage beat the previous best times by a large margin:

  • 17x better performance for the 1T.WRITE operation
  • 9.1x better performance for the 1T.NBBO operation
  • 2.4x better performance for 10T.VOLCURVE
  • Over 2.5x faster overall test suite execution time than the nearest competitor

What is the STAC-M3 Benchmark?

The STAC-M3 benchmark suite is the industry standard for testing solutions that enable high-speed analytics on time series data, such as tick-by-tick market data (aka “tick database” stacks), with the Antuco suite testing mainly I/O performance.  Of the various STAC domains available for benchmark testing, the STAC-M3 benchmark is the only one which exercises backend storage in addition to the database / compute servers, and accordingly the only benchmark with a representative sample of competitive storage results.

The STAC-M3 benchmark is complex, testing different operations across a representative sample of time-series data such as tick-by-tick quote and trade histories.  With the rise of automated trading, especially high-frequency trading, every millisecond counts when analyzing changes in the market to be able to maximize profits.

The key metric is query response time, as measured by the client, i.e. how long from the time the query is executed to the time to get full results.  One of the variables for the queries is how many threads the client uses for the queries, which in one series is a measure of scalability for the overall solution (the first 1T / 10T / 100T in the name of the results indicates the number of threads).

When we partnered with McObject for the testing, we chose to use our E8-X24 appliance with Intel Optane SSDs inside.  The E8-X24 is meant for high frequency trading applications, with ultra low latency performance.


Results that matter

E8 Storage performed strongly across the board for all of the operations, and set new records for the STAC-M3 benchmark.  For those that we didn’t win outright, our performance results were usually within the top 2-3 results all of the previous submissions, sometimes within just a few milliseconds.

Where E8 Storage really blew past the competition was for the operations that were WRITE intensive, in addition to read intensive.  For 1T.WRITE (writing a full day’s quote data), we were 17x faster than the system that used local Intel Optane SSDs inside the server (not shown in the graph below).  For 1T.NBBO (creating National Best Bid and Offer for the last day across all 10 exchanges) we were 9x faster than that same system.

Both results are a phenomenal proof point for how our architecture truly unlocks the performance of not only NVMe drives, but also storage class memory for both read and write intensive workloads.

Read more about our record breaking performance at STAC Research to see just how strong our performance is across all of the benchmark operations.  E8 Storage continues to prove that it has industry leading performance to tackle the most data intensive workloads that drive your business.  Contact us today to learn more.