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Enterprises can now right-size and future-proof storage configurations from rack- to network-scale

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 8, 2017E8 Storage today announced that the company’s high-performance, high-availability shared NVMe storage solutions will bring an unprecedented new level of agility and configurability to enterprises of all sizes who require an easily scalable range of storage requirements. All E8 Storage solutions, including the E8-D24 and the company’s newly announced E8-X24, will provide a remarkably agile range of storage scalability, allowing enterprises to precisely fulfill their processing and capacity requirements across the entire storage configuration continuum from appliance level to network scale.

At Flash Memory Summit 2017 this week, the company will demonstrate its solutions in Hall A, Booth #113, and CEO Zivan Ori will deliver a keynote address on Thursday, August 10, 12:00 p.m. PT.

“Real-time analytics workloads and clustered, high performance file systems and databases across industries like finance, health care, retail and others are driving competitive advantage, and these workloads are among those that require what NVMe brings to the table today,” said Eric Burgener, Research Director at IDC. “For many of these environments, the ability to work with very large data sets increases the value that these application environments provide to their owners, and scale-out storage architectures built around NVMe, such as E8 Storage’s solution, are needed to be able to keep up with the exploding data growth across existing and new data sources.”

E8 Storage’s innovative shared NVMe storage solutions now:

  • Go beyond the rack to network scale with a unique architecture based on NVMe, without compromising performance or reliability.
  • Deliver the best performance possible for enterprise applications, such as clustered file systems and clustered databases.
  • Offer tiers of NVMe-based storage that deliver flexibility for enterprise deployment models.

“We’re now making a big leap to take our shared storage solution beyond rack boundaries and to allow enterprises to right-size based on their storage needs and the types of applications their businesses rely on,” said Zivan Ori, Co-founder and CEO of E8 Storage. “Our customers are successfully deploying E8 Storage’s world-class centralized NVMe enterprise storage solution for applications like real-time analytics, high-performance data warehouses, and financial services. We continue to innovate and anticipate the needs of enterprises as the demand for agile, scalable storage solutions grows.”

Enterprises requiring improved performance for faster decision-making will benefit from one of E8 Storage’s key innovations: shared writable volumes. This feature supports 96 concurrent writers to the same volume and works seamlessly with high-performance clustered applications for companies relying on demanding applications such as real-time analytics and transactional databases.

E8 Storage also delivers greater scalability with the ability to add multiple E8 Storage appliances and take advantage of increasingly higher-capacity SSDs without impacting previously stored data. E8 Storage clients can now scale out to access volumes from multiple E8 Storage appliances. This allows both scaling of capacity and tiering of storage based on the performance characteristics required by databases and data warehouses, providing investment protection for important storage purchases.

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About E8 Storage

E8 Storage provides the industry’s first-ever centralized NVMe enterprise storage solution, delivering simple, centralized storage management at the speed of local SSDs. The company’s rack-scale all-flash arrays are ideally suited for the most demanding mission-critical workloads needing performance without compromise, including real-time analytics, financial and trading applications, and transactional processing. E8 Storage’s next-generation high-performance flash storage delivers 10 times the performance at half the cost of existing storage products, is easily upgradeable and expandable, and enables consolidation to increase SSD utilization to over 90%. Privately held, E8 Storage is based in Santa Clara with R&D in Tel Aviv, and channel partners throughout the US and Europe. For more information, please visit, and follow us on Twitter @E8Storage and LinkedIn.

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