Author: Danny Melamed, Director R&D

We learn from our customers and prospects all the time, especially as we dive into their application use cases and their workflows.  Each application that our customers are running have different I/O profiles, some of which are very different from the typical 90% read / 10% write typically found in many installations.

Generally speaking, E8 Storage has been designed to maximize throughput and IOPS while minimizing latency to shared NVMe storage, which enables us to achieve record breaking performance across a multitude of I/O intensive workloads (don’t take our word for it, read about our record breaking SPEC SFS™2014 performance benchmark).

Recently one of our customers measured his systems’ I/O workload, a typical 1MB block, sequential write I/O pattern. They had seen our product brief mentioning 20 GB/s write throughput, but those were measured with 32KB blocks so not quite an exact comparison to his workload.  When he saw the actual performance of his E8-D24, his eyes lit up at the results!

Our E8-D24 with 24 NVMe SSDs and RAID-6 data protection achieved 40.5 GB/s at 1.6ms average latency (sustained).  This is even more amazing when you consider that the maximum potential throughput of 4x100GbE links is around 44 GB/s.

When we optimize for sub-millisecond latency, we can sustain 870µs up to 37 GB/s of throughput, a great result when consistent latency is key to application performance.  As you can see from our management dashboard, the throughput and IOPS are stable over a 10 minute performance run where we are writing 22TB of data to storage.

There are many reasons why E8 Storage is able to achieve these results with our innovative software architecture.  Here are just a few:

  1. E8 Storage scale-out software architecture:  E8 scales-out through the application servers. By taking up a few cores on the application servers, a highly distributed multi-core-controller is implemented, which can achieve 10x the RAID6 write bandwidth of classic dual-controllers or HW RAID controllers.
  2. E8 Storage was designed for NVMe drives:  NVMe is the only protocol designed specifically for flash storage that delivers an exponential increase in the connections, queues and commands per queue per SSD. This level of parallelization in the protocol unlocks the true performance of flash. Enterprise grade NVMe SSDs will provide the best results.
  3. E8 Storage is optimized for high bandwidth networks: E8 Storage appliances run best with 4 ports of 100Gb/s Ethernet or Infiniband, and our performance shows that we’re using nearly all of the bandwidth of those links.  We also leverage RDMA (such as RoCE or Infiniband) to accelerate our performance.
  4. Dual controllers with double the bandwidth:  In addition to high availability, E8 Storage achieves 2x to 3x the write bandwidth due to the E8-D24 dual-controller off-the-shelf enclosure which supports twice the number of network ports (100GbE or 100Gb IB) and twice the SSD bandwidth when compared to other 2U24 NVMe solutions in the market.
  5. Reduced write amplification due to wide striped RAID-6: To achieve high performance and not give up on resiliency, many solutions use replication (e.g., ScaleIO, MapR, Ceph) which leads to SSD write amplification. E8 Storage, in contrast, uses RAID-6 which leads to SSD write amplification of only 1.1x on 64K and above writes.
  6. Reduce network amplification due to direct access:   By using RAID-6 with direct drive access from the E8 Agent on the hosts to the drives in the controller, E8 Storage’s unique architecture reduces network amplification as well as write amplification.  In contrast with 2-replica solutions (2x to 3x) and 3-replica solutions (3x to 4x), the network amplification for 64K and above writes is 1.1x.

64K WriteE8-D24 RAID-62-replica3-replica
SSD Write Amplification1.123
Network Amplification1.12 to 33 to 4

Our performance isn’t the only benefit that we deliver because we deliver performance without compromising on reliability or availability of your data.  Read more about our resiliency and availability features at

Want to learn more?  Contact to speak to one of our team about how E8 Storage can accelerate your data-hungry applications.