Why E8 Storage?

E8 Storage was founded on the premise that a new approach was needed to fully realize the potential of flash storage to be the foundation for data-intensive, high-performance storage architectures that fuel business growth for enterprise data centers. Co-founders Zivan Ori and Alex Friedman, along with Ziv Serlin, understood that existing first-generation flash storage architectures fail to unlock the full performance and TCO benefits of SSDs.

Aiming to unlock the performance potential of NVMe without sacrificing on high availability or reliability, E8 Storage assembled a team with a strong background in enterprise storage to design a new storage architecture – built from the ground up – to leverage the latest innovations in NVMe and Converged Ethernet.

The result is a ground-breaking, patented architecture that gives enterprise users an entirely new level of performance for data-intensive, high-performance applications that drive revenue…and E8 Storage delivers.

Our Team

Our Products

E8 Storage is a pioneer in shared accelerated storage for data-intensive, high-performance applications that drive business revenue. E8 Storage’s affordable, reliable and scalable solution is ideally suited for the most demanding low-latency workloads, including real-time analytics, financial and trading applications, transactional processing and large-scale file systems.

Driven by the company’s patented architecture, E8 Storage’s high-performance shared NVMe storage solution delivers 10 times the performance at half the cost of existing storage products. With E8 Storage, data centers can enjoy unprecedented storage performance density and scale, delivering NVMe performance without compromising on reliability and availability.

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A revolutionary storage architecture that meets the demands of mission critical customer applications

Where We Are

Privately held E8 Storage is based in Santa Clara, CA with R&D in Tel-Aviv,
and channel partners throughout the US and Europe.

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