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The Proof is in the … Record-Breaking Benchmark with NVMe and 100GbE

This past week all of us at E8 Storage have been celebrating a big benchmark, in more ways than one!…

Architected for better NVMe performance

A few months ago, Dell/EMC published benchmark figures against Pure, touting the strength of their Unity arrays against Pure’s all-flash…
A year in review…
Author: The E8 Storage Team
2018 has been a big year for E8 Storage. We have made a number of innovations in product development, partnerships, customer wins and continued to grow our committed partner base. All with the aim of providing the industry’s first shared NVMe storage platform to customers, who are looking to improve performance and optimize workflow.
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More Miles per TB - Why E8 Storage is perfect for Autonomous Vehicles
Author: Ron Herrmann, Director of Systems Engineering
E8 Storage offices are located at the heart of autonomous vehicle R&D.  E8 Storage’s Santa Clara, CA headquarters is right in the heart of Silicon Valley, which is #1 for Autonomous Vehicle research and development.  The streets of Ann Arbor, where E8 Storage has a sales and support office, are also filled with self driving cars and vans these days. This makes a lot of sense as the Ann Arbor SPARK just listed Ann Arbor as the #2 city for Autonomous Vehicle research and development in the United States. 
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E8 Storage is a “Cool Vendor”
Author: Julie Herd, Director of Technical Marketing
Of course, those of us here at E8 Storage already knew that!  As do our customers, who have turned to E8 Storage for their most demanding workloads.  It’s even better when industry leaders like Gartner recognize your hard work and highlight you as a “Cool Vendor in Storage Technologies” like they did in their Nov 2018 report.  
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ARM Servers and Smart NICs - Their Time Has Come
Author: Zivan Ori, CEO & Co-Founder
Before founding E8 Storage, I joined a newly founded Israeli startup (Stratoscale) to build a software defined architecture designed for ARM servers. At the time, this was rather challenging because while many companies were talking about creating ARM based servers, few were executing so progress has been slow and limited.
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E8 Storage Remote Proof of Concept Services
Author: Danny Melamed, Director R&D
E8 Storage has developed a revolutionary storage architecture, designed to unleash the performance of NVMe enabled storage devices while providing customers with the foundation for solutions that best fit their needs.  The E8 Storage architecture has been adopted for a myriad of high performance use cases, ranging from real-time analytics for market data to a low latency storage tier for genomics research.  Our customers have looked to E8 Storage for a high performance, feature-rich, software defined, storage solution that scales out through their environments.
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When Performance Matters...A New Look for E8 Storage
Author: Zivan Ori, CEO & Co-Founder
When we publicly launched the company and our first products in 2016, we were pioneering a new software architecture built for the emerging NVMe flash protocol.  Our appliances were delivering very high throughput with very low latency which allowed us to focus on the analytics market where real-time performance had driven customers to revert back to internal SSDs inside of the server to meet the latency needs of their applications.  We knew we had a much better solution for them.
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E8 Storage and Genomics - Speeding Up the Science of Life!
Author: Ron Herrmann, Director of Sales Engineering
E8 Storage recently attended BioIT World in Boston, an impressive number of customers and vendors were focused on a common theme: understanding the human genome as the basis for discovering cures for disease and saving lives.  Key to that endeavor is how to speed up genomic processing to accelerate scientific research, and E8 Storage’s record breaking performance for analytics is a perfect fit.
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Boosting Performance With RDMA - A Case Study
Author: Michael Green, Field Engineer
E8 Storage recently published the Deploying E8 Storage with IBM Spectrum Scale white paper to demonstrate the simplest and most straightforward way to deploy E8 Storage as the underlying storage for an IBM Spectrum Scale cluster.
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E8 Storage is Setting Records ... Again!
Author: Julie Herd, Director Technical Marketing
Every startup comes to market with grand claims of how their product is better than any other on the market.  However, not every startup can back up those claims with record winning benchmark results from respected industry benchmarking organizations!
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‘Show Me the Money!’ with E8 Storage’s New TCO Tool
Author: Ziv Serlin, VP Architecture & Co-Founder
When we founded E8 Storage in 2014, it was based on the premise that in order to get the best performance from the emerging NVMe SSD protocol, without sacrificing reliability or availability, we needed to take a new approach to storage system architecture.
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New Innovations From Our Partners
Author: Stuart Campbell, Platform Architect
At E8 Storage, we are always excited about new NVMe platforms and SSDs that we see coming to market from our partners.  The news this week from AIC and Samsung on the new Mission Peak platform being shown at UK Cloud Expo is no exception.
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Delivering Amazing Write Performance with E8-D24
Author: Danny Melamed, Director R&D
We learn from our customers and prospects all the time, especially as we dive into their application use cases and their workflows.  Each application that our customers are running have different I/O profiles, some of which are very different from the typical 90% read / 10% write typically found in many installations.
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