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Storage Smarts for Business Intelligence
The influx of data available today is a boon to enterprises, but in order for it to be useful – instead of just overwhelming – companies need to be able to transform data into meaningful and actionable information. Read more »
What’s all the Hype about Hyperscale?
The term “hyperscale” has quickly become common when discussing cloud computing, data centers and Big Data. But is it just a new buzz word, or is it here to stay? Read more »
Why is Storage Technology Stuck in the ‘80s?
Although it’s now 2017, data centers today are a throwback to 1985 in many ways. While today’s solid state drives (SSDs) are fast and effective, storage architects continue to think of them as just being solid state versions of spinning-platter disks, continuing to use them inside servers like the hard drives of the ‘80s. Read more »
2016 Flew by in a ‘Flash’ for E8 Storage
It’s been a whirlwind year for the team at E8 Storage. After two years in R&D, our company announced $12m in funding in May, led by Accel, with participation from existing investors Magma Venture Partners and Vertex Ventures. Read more »
SSDs: are you getting your money’s worth?
There are numerous reasons why enterprises should consider a centralized NVMe storage solution, but one of the most important is SSD utilization. I’ll explain what I mean by that. Read more »
Cast a vote you can feel good about this November – the SVC awards!
It’s voting season, and not just for the U.S. presidency! Voting is now open for the 2016 Storage, Virtualisation, Cloud (SVC) Awards, and E8 Storage is on the shortlist for the “SSD/Flash Storage Product of the Year Read more »
Real-time analytics and the need for faster storage
In his book The Flash Boys, author Michael Lewis describes the world of high-speed trading, and the computer systems and networks that companies built to gain a competitive edge. Read more »