Author: The E8 Storage Team

2018 has been a big year for E8 Storage. We have made a number of innovations in product development, partnerships, customer wins and continued to grow our committed partner base. All with the aim of providing the industry’s first shared NVMe storage platform to customers, who are looking to improve performance and optimize workflow.

So what has happened in the past 12 months?

 Proving that we really are as fast as we claim

Throughout the year, we focused on working with key partners to complete a series of performance benchmarks, starting with SPEC SFS 2014 and our partnership with IBM Spectrum Scale.  We set new records, not once but twice, showing the value of our products.  We also continue to hold the records in several of the STAC-M3 performance benchmark operations, a key win the financial markets.  We closed the year with performance benchmarks for AI / ML, proving once again that E8 Storage performance is a clear winner among the competition.

New products:  Our first software only offering and the E8-X24, powered by Intel Optane

We kick started 2018 off with the launch of the first software only product for pre-qualified servers. The E8 Storage Software, which powers the company’s high-performance, high-availability shared NVMe storage solutions was made available as a software only purchase for customers to install on their supported hardware of choice.   We quickly followed this up with the introduction (and sale!) of the E8-X24, a high availability shared NVMe appliance with the power of Intel Optane inside.

E8 Storage also expanded our NVMe-oF support to InfiniBand, enabling established HPC customers to easily integrate E8 Storage into their HPC computing clusters.

New Customer Wins!

E8 Storage headed into the year with a flurry of new customer activity in financial markets, healthcare and web services.  We made great progress in healthcare with new reference customers such as Queen Mary University of London, who presented their IBM Spectrum Scale deployment at the IBM Spectrum Scale User Group at SuperComputing 2018.

Strategic partnerships in the across the globe

Making NVMe more accessible than ever before, we also announced several partnerships over the past 12 months, expanding our reach across several geographies:

  • Datera, a Czech Republic-based IBM Business GOLD Partner
  • OCF, a UK based reseller focused on high performance computing solutions
  • CognoSystems, a Toronto-based provider of data center solutions
  • Clustar, our newest partner in China, focused on AI / ML infrastructure as a service

Technology partnerships

Over the past 12 months we have also been busy strengthening and expanding our technology partnerships, as our partners look to E8 Storage to help them bring their solutions to end customers.

E8 Storage has been working with partners Mellanox and Broadcom to provide integrated storage solutions built on ARM-based SmartNIC technologies.  By enabling our E8 Agent to reside on their SmartNICs, the solution will allow users to utilize the benefits of CPU offload to overcome any performance bottlenecks to application performance.

Earlier in the year, we also worked with AIC, Mellanox and Samsung to demonstrate ‘Mission Peak’  –  a new high density, all NVMe flash storage array.  The new array was a direct response to the rapidly increasing need for data-intensive applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and high performance computing in datacenter environments.


2018 has been a busy year for E8 storage but with the market only set to grow, 2019 is bound to have some exciting updates in store. As the IT industry continues to focus on innovation, one of the key drivers of progress is the need for performance and real-time data insights.

We look forward to continuing our work with customers and partners to see what the next 12 months will bring.