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New E8-D24 rack scale array delivers “Holy Grail” combination of high performance, low cost, and high availability, overcoming chronic storage-industry compromises

E8 Storage today launched the storage industry’s first-ever centralized, highly available rack scale flash appliance based on Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) drives. The E8-D24 is the first array that provides an uncompromised trifecta by combining the high performance of NVMe drives, the high availability and reliability of centralized storage, and the high scalability of scale-out solutions.

“As businesses of all sizes consider how to digitally transform to provide better products and services to their customers and to maintain competitive differentiation, the demands on enterprise storage infrastructure are outpacing the capabilities of legacy designs,” said Eric Burgener, Research Director Storage, IDC. “Newer, software-defined shared storage architectures are emerging – such as E8 Storage’s solution – that leverage high performance, off the shelf components like NVMe SSDs, and completely change the infrastructure density and cost equations. Latency-sensitive workloads can benefit significantly from these systems that deliver throughput and latency on par with hyperconverged offerings while bringing to bear all the efficiency benefits of shared, disaggregated storage.”

E8 Storage’s E8-D24 is based on open hardware architecture and uses off-the-shelf NVMe drives and Ethernet NICs to deliver a far more cost-effective solution than existing storage products. It provides 10 times the performance of other all-flash arrays, and features fast random-access latency that guarantees consistent application availability and overall response times without any need for caching. The new storage appliance achieves latency on par with local SSD latency by optimizing for 40/50/100GE networks. The E8-D24 also extracts the full performance of the SSDs and provides up to 88% capacity utilization of the SSDs.

“After many months of anticipation, we are really excited to reveal the details of our phenomenal E8-D24,” said Zivan Ori, CEO and Co-founder, E8 Storage. “Our Tier-1 North American POC customers have already recognized that the cost-performance of E8 Storage puts it in a league of its own. At 10 million IOPS, with 100μs latency, E8 Storage has broken new ground as the highest performing storage appliance based on commodity hardware ever to hit the market. We’re also seeing huge interest from a variety of high-growth vertical market segments.”

E8 Storage achieves best-of-breed latency, throughput and bandwidth, truly leveraging the strength of the NVMe drives. Performance metrics are as follows:

  • Latency (4KB, QD=1) Read: 100μs Write: 40μs
  • IOPS (4KB) Read: 10M Write: 4M
  • Throughput (GB/s) Read: 40 Write: 20

Designed for Tier-1 usage and high duty cycle applications, the E8-D24 is ideal for real-time market data analytics, hyperscale data centers fast block storage, high-performance computing, and SQL and NoSQL databases. The new storage appliance delivers a multitude of highly competitive features, including:

  • Offers very high flash density, with 70TB in a 2U rack unit available this year and 140TB available next year.
  • Field serviceable and upgradable 2.5” NVMe SSDs
  • Supports converged Ethernet networking
  • Delivers high availability, enabled by dual controller boards, a no single point of failure enclosure and dual-parity RAID6
  • Designed for true Tier-1, high duty cycle usage, supporting non-disruptive software and hardware upgrades and battery backup
  • Scalable to over 100 servers per rack
  • Delivers half the total cost of ownership of any rack scale storage on the market
  • Software-defined fine capacity and performance provisioning

General market availability for the E8-D24 will be in the fourth quarter of 2016.

About E8 Storage

Privately-held E8 Storage provides the next generation of flash storage with a rack scale architecture for the enterprise and software-defined cloud, delivering 10 times the performance for half the cost of existing storage products, while using only off-the-shelf hardware. The company was founded in 2014 by storage industry veterans from IBM-XIV, Zivan Ori and Alex Friedman, who serve as CEO and VP R&D respectively. The company is venture-funded by Accel Partners, Magma Venture Capital and Vertex Israel, with R&D operations in Tel Aviv, Israel, and sales and marketing in Santa Clara, Calif.

For more information, please visit; follow us on Twitter at @E8Storage.

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