E8 Storage is a Startup Sponsor
@ the OpenStack Summit, Boston 2017

May 8-11, 2017


E8 Storage provides the next generation of flash storage with a rack-scale architecture for the enterprise and software-defined cloud, delivering unparalleled storage that performs ten times better with lower TCO compared to existing storage products.

E8 Storage’s appliance eliminates storage need projections, is easily upgradeable and expandable, enables converged networking, and increases SSD utilization to over 90%.

With E8 Storage, data centers can enjoy unprecedented storage performance density and scale, delivering on the promise of software-defined storage without compromising on reliability and availability.


As the first centralized NVMe solution in the industry, E8 Storage provides high performance storage and high availability based on open hardware architecture with a rack-scale architecture that is easily upgradable and expandable while eliminating storage need projections. The E8 Storage appliance can be used with any NVMe 2.5″ drive in the industry, either single or dual port. E8 Storage has developed a unique and patented revolutionary low-TCO storage architecture for the enterprise and software-defined cloud.


Optimized for NVMe drives and for 40GE-100GE networks, E8 Storage provides unprecedented performance for an all-flash-array, with latency on par with local SSDs.


E8 Storage appliance is designed with no single point of failure, providing true high availability. E8 supports non-disruptive software and hardware upgrades.


Scale performance linearly as you add more enclosures. Connect up to 100 servers per enclosure.


E8 Storage provides extreme performance for low TCO due to its reliance on converged Ethernet, high storage utilization factor, low power consumption and small foot-print. Allocate only the storage needed for each server, add additional enclosures only when you need more storage for the entire rack of servers.


E8 Storage is a member of the NVM Express Association.

E8 Storage is part of the Intel® Storage Builders Program. For more information visit the E8 Storage-Intel Microsite Download the E8 Storage & Intel Data-center SSDs Solution Brief


Download E8 Storage & Mellanox Technologies Solution Brief


E8-D24 now available with 6.4TB SSDs, up to 153TB in a 2U enclosure. Read more »