When Performance Matters

New look, same great performance

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Accelerate data hungry applications
with shared NVMe storage

NVMe over Fabrics certified software from E8 Storage


“The E8 Storage appliance behaved
flawlessly and the integration with
InfiniBand was simpler than expected”

Oxford Big Data Institute

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Record breaking
SPEC SFS® 2014 performance
with IBM Spectrum Scale

Fast, reliable storage for data intensive computing


High frequency
trading needs E8 Storage

E8 Storage sets new records for the STAC-M3 benchmark


New Integrated Solutions

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E8 Storage and Genomics - Speeding Up the Science of Life!

Great Total Cost of Ownership

E8 Storage delivers outstanding TCO with great performance. Explore your TCO

Accelerating Mission Critical Applications

Improved Accuracy

Fast access to real-time data for the most accurate information

Data Consolidation

No more redundant data silos and inconsistent copies of data

Simplify Your Life

No complex database workarounds, just fast simple storage for better business results


faster performance for financial market analytics

Up To 100X

acceleration for genome sequencing

Best in class
performance with IBM Spectrum Scale

The E8 Storage Difference

E8 Storage has developed a revolutionary storage architecture that meets the demands of mission critical customer applications. E8 Storage’s patented software architecture was built from the ground up to leverage NVMe, the only protocol designed exclusively for solid state storage.

  • NVMe™ over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) certified software, designed for NVMe, end to end
  • Direct host access to shared storage volumes for low latency
  • Centralized control ensures data availability and ease of management

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When Performance Matters, E8 Storage Delivers

E8 Storage has a range of solutions to fit your high performance needs, and our shared NVMe storage systems have proven performance with multiple record breaking benchmark results.

E8 Storage Appliances

High performance, low latency storage systems designed for high availability and reliability, yet easy to deploy and manage.

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E8 Storage Software

NVMe over Fabrics certified, award-winning and patented software is available as a software only product that can be installed on industry standard servers with NVMe drives.

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What's New at E8 Storage?

When Performance Matters…A New Look for E8 Storage

When we publicly launched the company and our first products in 2016, we were pioneering a new software architecture built for the emerging NVMe flash protocol.  Our appliances were delivering…

E8 Storage and Genomics – Speeding Up the Science of Life!

E8 Storage recently attended BioIT World in Boston, an impressive number of customers and vendors were focused on a common theme: understanding the human genome as the basis for discovering…

Boosting Performance With RDMA – A Case Study

E8 Storage recently published the Deploying E8 Storage with IBM Spectrum Scale white paper to demonstrate the simplest and most straightforward way to deploy E8 Storage as the underlying storage…

High Performance Solutions

Customers rely on E8 Storage for the most demanding mission critical workloads, including real-time analytics, financial / trading applications, and genomics. E8 Storage is partnering with industry leaders to ensure our high performance solutions are robust and enterprise ready.

Accelerating IBM Spectrum Scale

When E8 Storage is paired with a high performance clustered file system such as IBM Spectrum Scale, the result is a file storage architecture that delivers both high performance and massive scalability for data hungry applications.

Spectrum ScaleTM solution brief

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Genomics at the Speed of Life

Whether built on CPUs or GPUs, Ethernet or InfiniBand, E8 Storage is the solution of choice for high performance scratch space to speed up genomic processing to accelerate scientific research.

Real-Time Analytics

E8 Storage delivers a highly reliable and scalable storage solution that enables customers to process data at the speed of local SSD. Customers can reduce their storage costs without compromising on their performance requirements, while ensuring that their data analytics needs are met in real-time.

Real-time Data Analytics

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